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PRISM has become an essential component of eLearning programming.

Acting as a comprehensive Student Information System (SIS) that supports registration, communication, tracking, and reporting, PRISM has been chosen to facilitate eLearning and F2F course enrollments for virtual Schools, individual School Boards and Consortium of School Boards that share students.

PRISM Student Information System (SIS), is a proven safe and secure student registration and management solution for educational institutions. The system adheres to strict student data privacy policies and supports managing student information, creation and management of classes (with waitlists), sharing of students from all Schools within a School Board, sharing of students from other School Boards, multiple user levels (Board, School, Class), complex reporting for data precision and decision-making, grades and progress management, and notifications concerning student marks, progress, or registration status. PRISM has been built over years based on direct user feedback, Government policies and proven processes to ensure efficiency and ease of use.


Simple Registration Process

PRISM allows for School and Board users to register their students into course offerings (ie. eLearning, F2F, Adult, Summer) offered by their Board or outside Boards. It provides course offering waitlists, quick acceptances, removals, seamless enrollment transfers, and consideration to allocation restrictions for out of Board students. Users also have the ability to flag students for priority acceptance, and have easy access to viewing student IEPs.

Built-In Communication

PRISM provides a flexible and unique communication module that issues notifications to all necessary stakeholders from all institutions involved. Notifications get triggered during student registrations, course withdrawals, progress updates, and course mark entry.

Progress / Grades / Attendance

Prism accommodates regular status updates in the course, midterm, and final mark reporting. It manages and keeps track of uploaded documents (such as Provincial Reports), credit alerts, the addition of comments (all of which are date stamped and archived for easy retrieval).

PRISM incorporates a robust attendance module that offers flexibility to align with multiple semester types, varying start, and end dates. It facilitates Ministry policy on reporting attendance in eLearning, and Board-based attendance in eLearning reporting procedures.

In-Depth Reporting

PRISM provides in-depth reporting for each School, School Board, and across the set of School Boards for global data analysis. Reports include enrollment summary, reasons students enroll and drop out of a course, success rates, attrition rates, and student traffic.

Roles and Access

PRISM provides multiple types of user access that are necessary for successful eLearning programming (e.g., administrators, managers, coordinators, and teachers) and student registration (e.g., registrars and guidance counsellors). Access can be set at multiple levels to ensure protection of student information (Board, School, Class).


PRISM integrates with numerous Student Information Systems (SIS) and Learning Management Systems (LMS) while ensuring OnSIS compatible data. PRISM supports easy importing of student data via CSV or API integration. Nightly data imports/exports are optional as well to keep data synchronized across systems, and we provide a public API to allow for more customized integrations.

Case Study

eLearning in Ontario

PRISM enables member Boards of the Ontario eLearning Consortium (OeLC) to seamlessly share students and courses across Board boundaries, communicate with all stakeholders, and provide instantaneous data and reports in a fast, efficient, and secure manner.


Case Study

Remote Learning: Waterloo Region District School Board

For many school boards across Ontario, PRISM is a valuable solution to many student information administration hurdles. It is a centralized registration system that supports both centralized delivery and distributed delivery.


What our clients are saying

"PRISM has eliminated the need for administrators to fill out and fax paper-based registrations for out of board courses. The student and course reporting system provides us with exactly what we need for our data analysis. PRISM integrates easily with D2L and Trillium for added convenience. Great product!"

Coordinator – Ontario eLearning Consortium

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