Has Education Been Challenged by COVID-19?

Learn how PRISM is taking the next steps to support educators across Canada.

The global pandemic has forced businesses to adapt and overcome new challenges. But the Education sector has been hit harshly by what is now an unprecedented upheaval. Teachers, students, and faculty all need to take new considerations in mind, and unpredictable circumstances mean that more and more people need special considerations in mind. That can be scary for sure, but like any challenge, it can be overcome once the proper solution is implemented.

The solution? A strong, flexible infrastructure that facilitates the communication and workflow between the students, the faculty, and the school boards that manage policies at large. Something that bridges the gap between online and offline education on a larger scale and streamlines the registration process for those who need to further their education.

PRISM promises to be that solution.

Safety above all

Our team’s mission is to ensure an educational service that is reliable and secure. And that’s exactly why we implement safety measures to protect our users and their data. We’ve taken steps to help assure that our customers and the PRISM team can work together to provide a secure, reliable, and efficient education during this crisis.

  • Enhanced data security measures that align with MFIPPA requirements and Ministry-established Service Provider Privacy Security standards to keep you and your data safe.
  •  Utilities that allow for seamless and remote communication between school boards, from higher to lower hierarchy levels.
  • An emphasis on providing secure eLearning options and streamlining the transfer process, so that those who require a remote education can do so – all while prioritizing their health.
  • A thorough focus on safety, security, and efficiency through all our services.

That is our mission. To make sure of its success, our safety measures are taken with the utmost diligence.

Where does this leave PRISM?

In these uncertain times, our priority is to ensure our communication channels are open for any inquiries or concerns. We are prepared for the challenges ahead, and it’s with that mindset that we want to promise a trustworthy and reliable relationship between our service and our customers.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to CONTACT US.

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