PRISM - Cross Institution SIS

PRISM Student Information System is a comprehensive cloud-based solution designed to streamline the management and registration of students within and across educational institutions

PRISM: Sharing Education

There has been a significant gap in the current generation of educational student information systems (SIS) and we at PRISM have been solving the problem; sharing of student data across boards, colleges, and schools. We have worked with numerous school boards and colleges across Ontario to develop effective solutions to these problems for eLearning and Dual Credit programs.

PRISM is a centralized registration, communication, tracking, and reporting platform, used by School Boards, Colleges and Consortium.

Accessing courses across School Boards requires a strong professional network, strategic collaborative planning, and well-defined processes and workflows. In addition, it also requires a powerful technological base that can facilitate registration, tracking, reporting, communication, and data analysis. This is where PRISM comes in…

PRISM in Schools


PRISM is used by School Boards and Consortiums to manage course registrations for their students as well as to students outside their Board. PRISM has increased the opportunities for students to access the necessary courses required for graduation, while also ensuring high success rates.

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PRISM in Colleges

Higher Education

PRISM is built for higher education institutions that want to offer their courses to School Boards. Our application supports Colleges offering programs such as dual credit, School within a College (SWAC), Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program (OYAP), and Specialist High Skills Majors (SHSM).

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PRISM provides users with a robust registration workflow that includes a quick and efficient registration wizard, waitlist management, removal processes, and the ability to move or transfer students. Designed to improve the administration and organization of educational institutions, PRISM significantly enhances communication, data precision, and decision-making processes within the educational community.

Cross Institution Communication

PRISM provides a unique communication module that delivers important notifications to all necessary stakeholders from all institutions involved seamlessly.

Sharing Students Across Boards

PRISM removes any difficulty sharing student data for course registrations across Schools, Boards, Colleges, and other institutions. PRISM saves valuable time and ensures data security.

Acceptance Factors

Ability to flag student registrations for priority acceptance into courses, as well as access to detailed information and data when making acceptance decisions.

Multiple Grading Systems

PRISM offers multiple grading schemes including module based to standard midterm and final marks. PRISM also includes capability to upload report files, status updates on engagement and teacher comments.

Attention To At Risk Students

PRISM users can flag students that show attendance issues, low engagement status, and a high likelihood of having the credit at risk. An easily accessible student alert widget provides educators quick access to students requiring attention.

Automated Digital Forms

PRISM saves you time by providing automated digital consent and withdrawal forms for the registration and removal processes and access to student IEPs.

Case Study

eLearning in Ontario

PRISM enables member Boards of the Ontario eLearning Consortium (OeLC) to seamlessly share students and courses across Board boundaries, communicate with all stakeholders, and provide instantaneous data and reports in a fast, efficient, and secure manner.


Case Study

Remote Learning: Waterloo Region District School Board

For many school boards across Ontario, PRISM is a valuable solution to many student information administration hurdles. It is a centralized registration system that supports both centralized delivery and distributed delivery.


What our clients are saying

"PRISM has eliminated the need for administrators to fill out and fax paper-based registrations for out of board courses. The student and course reporting system provides us with exactly what we need for our data analysis. PRISM integrates easily with D2L and Trillium for added convenience. Great product!"

Coordinator – Ontario eLearning Consortium

"New Teachers have had very little difficulty navigating PRISM screens to register a student. I actually get very few phone calls requesting assistance from new Teachers regarding student registration...a very good thing!!"

Quote from Chris Morris, Dual Credit Teacher – WECDSB

"Since implementing PRISM for student registration and tracking, my office has saved hundreds of hours per year in inputting, tracking and reporting of dual credit programs."

Quote from Art Barron, Manager of SCWI Programs – St. Clair College

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